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    Welcome to SiteOne!
    Blue Max Materials is now SiteOne Hardscape Center

    Welcome SiteOne Hardscape Centers offer a diverse selection of landscape and hardscape materials designed to assist you with all of your landscaping needs...

    SiteOne Hardscape Centers are committed to providing outstanding products and customer service to both our professional contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners...

    We encourage you to find out the difference for yourself by visiting one of our yards - it's a great experience! Our "weekend warriors" love to hang out at our yards, pondering their next projects! Let us help select the proper topsoil for your vegetable garden, the best mulch for your child's playground or sand for his sandbox. We'd love to guide you through building a stacked stone wall around your garden bed or a flagstone path to your door. Resources for fireplaces and fire pits, patios and outdoor kitchens, pondless water features and bubbling rocks are all available at SiteOne Hardscape Centers.
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