Outdoor Features - Chicago Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven

Chicago Brick Oven

Are you looking for a unique focal point in your outdoor living space?  A Chicago Brick Oven serves as a gathering place for your guests while you cook fabulous-tasting food – everything from pizza to stuffed mushrooms to steaks and seafood.  Anything you cook in your indoor oven can be made even tastier in an outdoor brick oven!

Chicago Brick Ovens are endorsed by Iron Chef Mario Batali – Mario used one to cook up all kinds of savory delights for Matt Lauer on the Today Show!

The Chicago Brick Oven comes in several configuratons:

1. it can be built into a Harmony Outdoor Living element

2. it can be purchased as a free-standing oven that can be set on a coutertop or on a wheeled cart

3. it can be purchased as an insert that your contractor installs into a custom design at your location

Browse through the complete Chicago Brick Oven catalog to see all there is to choose from!
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