DO IT YOURSELF - Gravel Paver Paths!

Paths and Walkways

Have you worn out the grass from your house to your favorite bench under the old oak tree? Or do you avoid walking in your garden because your shoes get wet and muddy? If so, explore the use of gravel pavers in a decorative gravel path.

If you prefer a traditional pathway, but still like a natural, rustic look, a decorative gravel path may be what you’re looking for. This option is not only beautiful, but with the use of a product called Gravel Pavers in its installation, it is also easy to maintain and ADA compliant. To install using the Gravel Pavers product:

  1. lay out your path with string or outline it with spray paint.
  2. dig out the inside area to the depth of the Grass Pavers (about 1”) plus 3” – 4”.
  3. put in a base of 3” – 4” of compactable stone like ABC and compact with a plate tamper.
  4. lay out the Gravel Pavers, cutting them to fit in your path.
  5. secure the Gravel Pavers with corresponding “nails” or spikes pounded into the ABC base.
  6. border the path with an edging of your choice.
  7. spread decorative gravel over the Gravel Pavers.

Digging out the pathway area.

Tamping soil for a stable base.

Inserting nails into Gravel Pavers.

Spreading decorative gravel (1/2” Alabama Brown gravel) over Gravel Pavers.

Voilà! A decorative gravel pathway!

With a little base modification, these grass pavers with decorative gravel make an outstanding driveway or parking area, too.

For a more formal and permanent style of pathway, other options include such things as a flagstone walkway or a paver path.

Pathway constructed with Belgard’s Arbel Pavers.

Flagstone pathway.

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