DO IT YOURSELF - Stepping Stone Path!

Paths and Walkways

Have you worn out the grass from your house to your favorite bench under the old oak tree? Or do you avoid walking in your garden because your shoes get wet and muddy? If so, explore one of our path and walkway solutions – a stepping stone path.

A pathway from Point A to Point B in your yard or garden fulfills a functional purpose, but it can also be a beautiful landscaping feature. The type of path you choose is influenced by the look you’re wanting, its function and cost.

The simplest path is a stepping stone path. For this, you can choose from a myriad of natural stone or man-made products, including irregularly shaped flagstone, cut or snapped rectangular stones or manmade pavers. When selecting stones, choose ones that are 2”-3” thick to prevent cracking and at least footstep size for ease of navigation. To install stepping stones:

  1. lay them out on the ground to determine placement.
  2. dig out underneath each stone to the depth of your stone plus about 1” to a stable surface area. (If your ground is not solid or stable at this point, you may need to dig out deeper and put in a 3” – 4” base of compacted stone first.)
  3. Tamp the soil with a hand tamper.
  4. Add an inch of sand or screenings as a leveling base.
  5. Set your stone on the base.
  6. Step on the stone in different areas to get it to level out and stop any rocking motion.
  7. Fill in your dirt or mulch up to the edges of the stone.
  8. Repeat for all stones.

Spreading screenings as a base under flagstone stepping stones.

Belgard pavers used as stepping stones.

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