Outdoor Features - Fire Pits
Fire Pits
Fire pits fit in seamlessly with their surrounding environment in any outdoor living space. They can be built in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles using materials ranging from retaining wall block to natural stone. Some fire pits are sold in kits with everything needed to complete the project while others are custom-built.

With all fire features, make sure to check local zoning and placement guidelines before installation.


Weston FirePits

The Weston Stone Fire pit kit is made using Belgard's Weston Stone along with a ring and grate.

The fire pit can be coordinated with other seat walls & columns using the same material.

The Weston Stone fire pit kit is 16" high, with an outside diameter of 55".

Fire Pit Idea Gallery

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Weston FirePits

Rockwood Fire pit kits have an outside diameter of 48" & an inside diameter of 32". Optional pieces include caps for the block, a steel ring insert and a grate (photo shows all options).


Weston FirePits

The steel ring fire pit can be used as a stand-alone fire pit or as an insert in a custom designed fire pit.
The steel ring fire pit measures 30" x 17 3/8" and includes a grate.

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