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SiteOne has been the leading provider of top-notch landscape materials in the state. Our clients include landscape contractors, DIY homeowners, and general contractors in Charlotte, Monroe, Pineville, Indian Trail, and other North Carolina locations. As a one-stop company, our aim is to offer clients low-priced but high quality materials that will allow them to complete their projects with guaranteed positive results.

Call us now at (704) 821-2426 for your inquiries, orders, or other concerns about our offered landscape materials.

We Provide All Your Landscape Material Needs

At SiteOne, you won't have to sweat it out just to find the best-quality landscape materials for your landscaping project. Whether you need materials for your backyard gardening or commercial landscaping projects, you will surely get the right products from us. We are the most reliable one-stop company for your landscaping needs, particularly when it comes to specialty products and even hard-to-find materials. Getting your needed materials from one supplier will mean fast, hassle-free completion of your landscaping projects. We also offer expert advice on the right types of materials to use for specific landscaping projects.

Top-notch Landscaping Materials Guaranteed

We can supply all the materials that you can possibly need to complete your landscaping project – from dirt and mulches to pavers and water feature materials. Specifically, you can source these landscape materials from our company:
  • Topsoil and dirt
  • Decorative gravel
  • Compost and mulches
  • Natural stones
  • Fire and water feature materials
  • Gravel pavers
  • Drainage system materials
  • Perma Till
  • Landscape fabric
  • Edging
  • Grass pavers
  • Bio Max
  • Bio Field Max
Why Choose SiteOne?

SiteOne stands by its reputation for supplying clients with high quality materials at very affordable prices. Since we've been supplying landscape materials for years, you can be sure that we have steady sources regardless of the volume involved or the types of materials needed. Likewise, we offer delivery anywhere in Charlotte and nearby NC cities so you won't have to drive up to our location just to get the materials that your project requires. We also offer special pricing for bulk orders. Just talk with one of our sales personnel so he can assist you in your landscaping requirements.

The Best Landscapers Trust Us

One strong proof of our competence as a supplier of premium quality landscape materials is the sheer number of reputable landscaping companies that we serve. In fact, we serve the greatest number of top-tier landscapers in Charlotte, NC and nearby locations, making us a byword in these areas. Additionally, we also enjoy the trust of a lot of first-time clients who are all too happy with how well we handled their orders. So why not do the same and try us out? You may visit our sites so you can see first-hand our large inventory of materials and the quality of the landscaping materials we provide.

Let SiteOne become your partner in making your landscaping project a success. Please call us at (704) 821-2426 for your orders.

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