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Pavers are great materials for hardscaping projects. They can dramatically improve the functionality and aesthetics of residential and commercial properties. However, these types of paving materials can only provide the above-mentioned benefits if they are made from the finest materials.

And here at SiteOne, we have been helping homeowners and contractors create gorgeous and long-lasting paver features and amenities by offering only high quality pavers from our trusted partners. Most of our clients from Pineville, Monroe, Charlotte, Indian Trail, and surrounding areas have already tried and tested the quality of our paver products. In fact, we are their top choice every time they need paving materials for their hardscaping projects.

If you also want to get the best pavers for your outdoor improvement project, please call us now at (704) 821-2426. You can visit our yard in Pineville, NC to see our large inventory of paver products. We also encourage you to visit our outdoor living design center to get a glimpse of the various hardscape features that our partners have created.

We Only Offer Top-of-the-Line Pavers

We know that the durability and serviceability of a specific paved feature depends highly on the kinds of materials used. That's why we only offer clients the best products that they can find in the market today. Two of the most trusted manufacturers of hardscaping products today are Belgard and Pine Hall Brick. These companies have been our reliable partners since we started our business several years ago. Their products are top-of-the-line and available in various design options.

Belgard. Belgard's products are known in the country for their fine qualities. Its pavers are manufactured using the latest in technology and made from the finest raw materials. Moreover, the company has paving products for all kinds of hardscape features, so finding the perfect design or type for your walkway, patio, or driveway project is easy. Belgard is the right brand to choose if you want durable and exquisitely designed paving materials.

Here are some of its most sought-after paver designs:
  • Holland stone
  • Cambridge cobble
  • Dublin cobble
  • Urbana
  • Laffit
  • Mega Arbel
  • Old World
Belgard also offers eco-friendly paving products, like Subterra, Eco Dublin, Aqua Bric, Aqua Roc, Turfstone, and Aqualine series.

Pine Hall Brick. Another trusted partner of SiteOne is Pine Hall Brick. The company has been in the brick paver business for decades, making it an expert in creating durable brick pavers.

Meanwhile, we highly recommend these Pine Hall products for those who want to experience the timeless appeal of brick pavers:
  • Old Series
  • Rumbled
  • English edge
  • Pathway
  • Cayton
  • Harbourtown
  • Georgina edge
Paver Specialists in North Carolina

Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, don't think twice about getting your needed pavers from us. The wide range of options and designs that we offer plus the quality of our products makes us the perfect supplier of paving materials. Call us now at (704) 821-2426 so we can start processing your orders. We serve the hardscaping needs of residential and commercial property owners in Pineville and surrounding areas.

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