Dublin Cobble Pavers by Belgard Hardscapes
Dublin Cobble

Dublin Cobble Pavers

A true classic, Dublin Cobble's gently distressed surface & antiqued edges whisper quiet, timeless sophistication.
Dublin Cobble

Where can Dublin Cobble Pavers be used?

Dublin Cobble Pavers are suitable for:
  • pedestrian use
  • light traffic vehicular use
  • ADA applications

Dublin Cobble Paver Gallery

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What are the color options for Dublin Cobble Pavers*?









* Dublin Cobble is also available with a granite finish (special order - additional charges apply).

Granite finishing offers a unique texture for pavers which is sure to enhance the design capabilities of any hardscape professional.
Dublin Cobble
Granite finish

Available Sizes of Dublin Cobble Pavers

Dublin Cobble Pavers are 2 3/8" (60 mm) thick & available by the pallet or partial pallet (layer) in 3 different pallet configurations:


6" x 6"
120 sf/pallet


6" x 9"
112.5 sf/pallet

3-piece modular system

6" x 3"
6" x 6"
6" x 9"
116 sf/pallet
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