Lafitt Grana Slab by Belgard Hardscapes
Lafitt Grana Slab

Lafitt Grana Slab

Lafitt Grana Slab provides a sleek contemporary style by utilizing large scale pieces in a smooth finish.

Where can Lafitt Grana Slab be used?

Lafitt Grana Slabs are suitable for:
  • pedestrian use
  • ADA applications

Lafitt Grana Slab Gallery

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What are the color options for Lafitt Grana Slab*?


River Street


* Lafitt Grana Slab is also available with a granite finish (additional charges apply).

Granite finishing offers a unique texture for pavers which is sure to enhance the design capabilities of any hardscape professional.
Granite finish
Granite finish

Available Sizes of Lafitt Grana Slab

Lafitt Grana Slabs are 2" (50 mm) thick & available by the pallet or partial pallet (layer).

3-piece modular system

15" x 71/2"
15" x 15"
15" x 221/2"
140 sf/pallet
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