What is Landscape Edging?

Landscape Edging is a restraint used to hold a product in place and/or as a dividing line between two types of materials.

Types of Landscape Edging

SiteOne Hardscape Centers provide a variety of types of edging designed for an assortment of purposes including:
  • Steel Edging
  • CastleGuard Edge Restraints
  • Anglia Edger by Belgard Hardscapes
  • Other edging options

How much do I need?

To calculate how much edging is needed, measure the linear feet outlining the area to be edged. Once the type of edging to be used is determined, contact us to help calculate the amount needed of that specific edging.

Steel Edging

Steel Edging is well-suited for applications dividing mulch or gravel from turf or another ground cover.
  • Steel Edging subtly accents landscapes with clean lines & minimal intrusion
  • Steel Edging will not rot or become brittle in cold weather
  • Steel Edging resists frost heave, ground movement, & withstands routine landscape maintenance with its uniform thickness and weight
  • Steel Edging installs quickly & easily

Steel Edging Sizes

Steel Edging is available in these sizes:
  • 1/8" x 10’ x 4“ high
  • 1/8" x 10’ x 6" high (Special order)
  • 1/8" x 16’ x 4" high
  • 3/8" x 10’ x 4" high (Special order)
  • 3/8" x 16’ x 4" high (Special order)
Learn more about Steel Edging in this brochure.
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CastleGuard Edging

CastleGuard is a plastic edge restraint primarily used with pavers.

Once installed, it provides a barely visible border between pavers & turf or other ground cover. It installs quickly & easily, while providing great flexibility & long-term durability.

CastleGuard Edging Sizes

CastleGuard is available in 8' sections & requires the purchase of special nails to secure the edging.

Learn more about Steel Edging in this brochure.
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Belgard's Anglia Edger

Anglia Edger is designed for edging either in conjunction with pavers or as a separate border.

Anglia is a concrete product that mimics the look of natural stone, but provides the uniformity of a man-made solution.
Anglia Edger is sold by:
  • the pallet (covers ~ 70 linear feet)
  • by the layer (covers ~ 23 linear feet)

Anglia Edger Sizes

Anglia Edger comes in a mixture of four sizes:
  • 8" tall x 5.25" wide x 18" long
  • 8" tall x 5.25" wide x 15.675" long
  • 8" tall x 5.25" wide x 10.5" long
  • 8" tall x 5.25" wide x 8.125" long

Other Edging Possibilities

Many types of natural stone or paver products can also be used as a border between two landscaping areas.
SiteOne Hardscape Centers offer a wide variety of bulk materials for your landscaping needs ...

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