Gravel Pavers
Gravel Paver

What Gravel Pavers?

Gravel Pavers provide the perfect way to achieve a decorative gravel path or driveway without the mess of ruts or scattered gravel.

Learn more in this Gravel Paver brochure.

Uses for Gravel Pavers

Gravel Pavers are well suited for many applications including:
  • driveways
  • paths
  • golf cart paths
  • truck & cart wash-down areas
  • RV & boat access & parking
  • parking lots

Benefits of Gravel Pavers

When installed correctly, Gravel Paver applications are:
  • ADA compliant for handicap accessibility
  • Permeable, thus reducing storm water run-off
  • suitable for vehicular & pedestrian traffic

How do Gravel Pavers work?

Gravel Pavers unique plastic "honeycomb" is installed on an aggregate base. Gravel is then swept into the honeycombs.

This design holds the gravel in place & makes gravel pavers suitable for all kinds of traffic, both pedestrian & vehicular.

Note - base requirements change depending on the application.

How do you install Gravel Pavers?

Check out our Do-It-Yourself
project - Gravel Paver Paths!
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