Landscape Fabric
Landscape Fabric

Why Landscape Fabric?

Landscape Fabrics provide a barrier that allow water, air & nutrients through to the plant’s roots, while helping to control weed growth. Click to see larger image!

Properly installed, these fabrics will last for the life of your project.

Uses for Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabrics can be used for new plantings, retrofitted to existing landscape &/or used behind retaining walls.

Landscaping Fabrics perform three significant functions:
  • weed restriction
  • soil separation
  • filtration

Install Landscape Fabric

STEP 1: Remove all weeds from the desired area. For added protection, apply pre-emergent herbicide before laying fabric.
Landscape Fabric 1


STEP 2: Unroll fabric & cut to desired length. Fit fabric around plants, lights, etc., by cutting slits or an "X" where needed. For best results, overlap each section 4".
Landscape Fabric 2


STEP 3: Cover with 3-4" of mulch, stone or bark to protect fabric from sunlight & to enhance the appearance of your garden.
Landscape Fabric 3
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