Mulch 101

Mulch 101

Take a look at our Mulch 101 guide to learn more about mulch!
  • why mulch?
  • what to look for in a mulch
  • favorite types of mulch
  • how much mulch do I need?
  • are colored mulches safe?
  • can I use decorative gravel as mulch?

How much do I need?

Product Calculator

Use our Product Calculator to figure the quantity needed.

Tumblesafe Playground Mulch


TumbleSafe is an IPEMA Certified natural wood fiber product, designed for use as a protective play surface in and around playground equipment.

Municipalities, Daycares, School Systems and Churches all over the Carolinas have come to trust TumbleSafe as a safe, clean, natural and affordable playground surface.

Double Hammered Hardwood

Double Hammered Hardwood Mulch

Double-Hammered Hardwood Mulch is a very finely shredded oak mulch, that is made from the tree’s bark (not wood pulp).

Hardwood Mulch mats to the ground well, making for excellent weed control, moisture retention, & soil conditioning.

Pine Bark Mini-nuggets

Pine Bark Mini-nuggets

Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets are small reddish-brown pieces of the pine tree’s bark.

Because of their smaller particle size, mini-nuggets are great for bedding plants, as well as containers, however they do tend to float & wash away in heavy rains.

Cypress Mulch


Cypress Mulch is golden brown in color & is shredded into pieces 3" long or less.
Cypress mulch has superior longevity compared to other mulches. It is excellent for moisture retention, weed control, & erosion control.
Cypress also has some natural insect & fungus resistance.

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch is a medium brown shredded mulch.

Pine Bark Mulch is an excellent choice to enhance the beauty of plants while providing moisture retention, insulation for root systems, weed control and soil conditioning.

Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner, containing pine bark fines screened from 0-9/16", is great for breaking up hard clay and making soils easier to work with, while supplying air and water to the root system.

This all-natural product also gives sandy soil structure for fertile growth.
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