What is PermaTill?

PermaTill is a soil additive that provides permanent aeration for clay or compacted soils.

How is PermaTill made?

PermaTill is produced by firing a special slate at temperatures in excess of 2000° F,creating a durable, lighter, non-toxic, porous granular.
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How much do I need?

Product Calculator

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PermaTill as a Soil Amendment

Soils that have become too hard & dense for easy cultivation & proper root development are improved by the addition of PermaTill because the pores in the rock act as tiny reservoirs, storing moisture & any available soluble nutrients which are easily released to roots.

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PermaTill for Critter Control

PermaTill is also sold as VoleBloc because it can be used to protect plant roots from becoming a feast for a common garden pest – voles.

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PermaTill for Commercial Use

PermaTill is used in a variety of other applications including:
  • green roof applications
  • tree applications
  • turf & fire lanes
  • rain gardens & bioretention
For more information, visit the
PermaTill website.
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