Water Features - Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling Rocks

SiteOne Hardscape Centers are your one-stop-shop for water feature products. Easily add a bubbling rock feature to any patio or outdoor living space using natural stone along with Atlantic Water Gardens' components, all available at SiteOne Hardscape Centers!

Basic steps for building a bubbling rock water feature:

1. Pick out a boulder from our selection of natural stone and SiteOne will drill a hole in it - usually within 48 hours!

2. Select appropriate components made by Atlantic Water Gardens and available at SiteOne to build the bubbler, including
- Water basins
- Pumps
- Plumbing kits
- Pond liners
- And more!

3. Finish off the water feature with decorative gravel from SiteOne.
See how easy it is to install a bubbling water feature with this video from Atlantic Water Gardens!

At SiteOne Hardscape Centers, we can core drill 1" or 2" bores up to 27" deep. In addition to bubbling rocks, we can drill pier caps for electrical applications such as lights!

For more information, visit the Atlantic Water Gardens website.
SiteOne Hardscape Centers offer a wide variety of materials for your landscaping needs ...

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