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Water features are wonderful additions to a landscape or outdoor area. They create a unique and relaxing ambiance in the outdoor area and make it more interesting and attractive. In fact, a carefully designed water feature can easily become a focal point when installed in the perfect spot. But you can only experience these wonderful benefits if you have the right materials.

At SiteOne, we have a huge inventory of materials and supplies that you can use to build various water features. Whether you need products to assemble your bubbling rocks or you need natural stones to complete your custom-built waterfalls, we have the right materials for you. Our products are carefully selected and quality checked, so you'll only get the finest materials available. Our continuous commitment to provide clients with quality products has made us the top water feature supplier in the areas we serve. We have clients from Columbia, Charleston, Indian Trail, Monroe, Pineville, Charlotte, Summerville, and other North and South Carolina areas.

Please visit us at our yard in Columbia, SC during your most convenient time so we can show you our complete inventory of water feature materials. Our friendly personnel can assist you in choosing the right materials for your project. You can also call us at (803) 851-6513.

Our Trusted Water Feature Supplier

At SiteOne, we always assure our clients that the products we sell are the best in their class. We only choose suppliers that can meet our standards for quality and innovation. And we’re happy that we have Atlantic Water Gardens as one of our suppliers of water features. The company has been in the industry for decades already and they continue to offer topnotch products with innovative features.

With our reliable partnership with Atlantic Water Gardens, our clients can have all their needed materials under one roof. Here is a partial listing of our water feature materials:
  • Formal spillways. We have colorfalls, stainless steel scuppers, splash rings, basin kits, wall spouts, flexible hardscape basin, and other accessories that will help you create stunning spillways.
  • Water garden system. Our complete line of water garden system will allow you to create beautiful ponds and water gardens. We have skimmers, filters, pumps, pond kits, and other supplies to make your ponds attractive and vibrant.
  • Pond-free waterfalls. We have everything you need to create a safe and efficient pondless waterfall. The products we offer include pond-free kits, Atlantic's Eco-blox, pump vaults, and other vital waterfall components.
  • Fountains. If you need fountain basins, fountain kits, and accessories, we have them in our store. We highly recommend the Atlantic's fountain system because of its easy installation and durability.
  • Water feature lighting. Lighting installations can easily create drama for your water features. But you have to make sure that you use only premium lighting such as the underwater lighting system that we offer. Our lighting products are energy-efficient, available in different colors, long lasting, and manufactured using the latest in technology.
We Help You Build Stunning Water Features

For over 15 years, we've been helping homeowners, property developers, landscapers, and contractors build stunning, efficient, and long lasting water features. Let us also help you realize your project by getting all your needed materials from us. We can assist you in product selection and we will deliver them anywhere in Columbia. Call SiteOne today.

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