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With the Atlantic Water Gardens product line, SiteOne is truly a one-stop-shop for your water feature needs. Combining our extensive natural stone, boulder and river rock selection with Atlantic's full line of installation, accessory, maintenance, lighting and rain harvesting products, we have everything you need when it comes to water features. Everyone from do-it-yourselfers to professional installers will find the products best suited to their skill level and water feature project. Kits as well as individual components are both available.

The Oasis Series features Atlantic's pro-quality yet DIY-friendly line of pond and pond-free products, including Skimmers, FilterFalls, FastFalls, Pump Vaults and Fountain Basins. It is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor standards. These exceptionally well-designed units feature heavy walled high density polyethylene construction, attractive rolled rims for strength and rigidity and stainless steel hardware - contractor grade equipment sized for the smaller water garden.

Atlantic's Big Bahama Pro Series features the industry's best, most durable line of pond and pond-free products. From Skimmers to FilterFalls, FastFalls to Fountain Basins and Eco-Blox, you can find it all here. The Pro Series stands apart, with heavy walled construction that resists warping and crushing, stainless steel hardware that eliminates corrosion. Oversized doors, weirs and fittings optimize pump performance. The Big Bahama line features innovative, practical design to minimize maintenance and callbacks, maximize pump life and time between cleanings.

Eco-Blox Up Close

Atlantic's redesigned Eco-Blox water matrix provides the same amount of water storage, with improved strength and durability. The new, triangle-shaped openings allow for greater water mobility throughout while still preventing solids from slipping through. In addition, the H-beams criss-crossing each of the eight panels that make up each Eco-Blox provide increased comprehensive and point-load strength to make your basin last a life time.

TidalWave Pumps Comprehensive Flow Chart

Click to Enlarge Atlantic's Pump Products offer the perfect solution for water features, large or small. Whether the application calls for Mag Drive or Direct Drive, Axial or Asynchronous, TidalWave pumps deliver the right flow at the right head for the right wattage. Cutting edge design, top quality components and world class support ensure TidalWave delivers years of trouble-free service.

For more information, visit the Atlantic Water Gardens website.
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